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    The Rules for All Forums


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    The Rules for All Forums Empty The Rules for All Forums

    Post  NBA157 on Mon Jul 01, 2013 4:41 pm

    These are the rules for all forums on RTForumers, the RT Fansite.
    First off, you should read the normal rules of the website:
    •You are welcome to swear your hearts out, there is no filtering and no rule against normal swear words.
    •No inappropriate profile pictures. If you are caught with an inappropriate profile picture you will be banned.
    •No sexual content. Sexual content includes pornographic content and anything involving sex.
    •No spam. If you're spamming threads with page-stretchers or saying things like "jehefj73):" you'll be banned.
    •No botting. I hate bots. If you're caught botting posts we will lower your post count and delete your account.

    These aren't all the rules; think before you post. Use common sense, and you'll be fine!

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