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    Celtics vs Cavs, who wins?


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    Celtics vs Cavs, who wins? Empty Celtics vs Cavs, who wins?

    Post  NBA157 on Thu Aug 08, 2013 10:15 pm

    Both teams suck, badly.
    Both teams hate the other.
    Both teams lost their best players in the last few years.
    Both are rebuilding and both have a star point guard to build around.
    The Celtics have Rondo and Gerald Wallace; the Cavaliers have Kyrie Irving and Anderson Varejao.
    But who wins?
    Boston has a coach that didn't have too much success in college; Cleveland has a suckish coach that can't coach shit.
    They both have a star point guard and another player to build off of yet Boston has Rondo who is way out of Irving's league. Anderson Varejao is the most underrated player I've seen. A 20-game double-double streak? Over four twenty-twenty games? Seriously, he's waaayyyy better than Gerald Wallace.
    I think that the Cavs would win because the Celtics just began rebuilding; the Cavs have been rebuilding for years and might get the 8 or 7 seed this year.

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